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Preston Park Lodge was consecrated on the 29th October 1949 at the Masonic Centre Queens Road Brighton.

The Preston Park Lodge was formed as being a daughter Lodge to the Royal Pavillion Lodge shortly after the second world war. This initial petition to the Rt. W. Provincial Grand Master was declined, after several petitions and a request from the W.M. of the Royal Pavilion Lodge, Preston Park was granted a warrant on the 2nd August 1949.

below are the minutes of the first meetings of the founders discussing the formation of a new Lodge.

First Founders Meeting 11th November 1946

A meeting was held at the Brighton Masonic Club at 2, Granville Road, Hove on Monday 11th November 1946 at 7.30 p.m.

The following Brethren were present: W.Bros. W.K. Stedman, E.W. Hughes, T Nott McCaire, Bros. S.C. Atkins, J.S. Gardener, H. Partington, F. Oakley, C.R. Knapp, E.C.R. Clark, R. Lewis, A. Sutherland, A.J. Bowyer, J.H. Hoad, B.H, Wade, C.W. Sheperd, S. Wakelin.

W.Bro. Stedman occupied the Chair.

The Chairman outlined the motive for calling the meeting i.e. that he had been approached by several Brethren with the view to the possibility of forming a daughter Lodge to the Royal Pavilion Lodge due to a considerable number of keen Masons who could not obtain advancement for a considerable number of years. It was disclosed that several years ago a similar move was mooted by by members known as the Preston Gang, owing to many brothers then interested having passed to the Grand Lodge above, and later the War intervening, the matter was dropped. However a meeting some twelve months ago of which Bros. Atkins, Hoad, Sage and Lewis was held, I was again approached regarding the matter. After a general discussion a proposition was put before the meeting and it was carried unanimously the formation of a new Lodge be proceeded with.

W.Bro. Stedman then proposed that the new Lodge be named “Preston Park Lodge”, this was seconded by Bro. Atkins, put to the vote and carried unanimously.

Bro. Wade proposed and Bro. Sutherland seconded that there be an inclusive fee of four Guineas. Bro. Oakley proposed an amendment that the fee should be four and a half Guineas this was seconded by Bro. Shepherd. The amendment was put and carried.

Bro. Atkins proposed that the Initiation Fee should be twenty Guineas and Bro. Wade seconded the proposition, this was put and the vote was carried.

Bro. Atkins proposed that the Joining Fee should be three Guineas and Bro. Gardener seconded the proposition, this was put to the vote and carried. The Re-joining Fee to be one Guinea was also carried.

Bro. Atkins very kindly and generously offered to present a Banner when obtained to the new Lodge. A very hearty vote of thanks was expressed to Bro. Atkins for his generosity.

There being now further business to transact at this stage, it was proposed to hold another meeting a fortnight hence, i.e. the 25th November at 8.00 p.m.


W.J. Stedman, P.M.


The Next Founders Meeting was held on the 25th November when the matters discussed included the formation of the Lodge of Instruction together with its Officers, (the first meeting of the Lodge of instruction was to be on the 27th January 1947) and the design of the intended Lodge Banner.

The next recorded meeting of the Founders was not for a further two years when they met on the 30th November 1948. When principal officers were nominated.

There were a further eight Founders meetings prior to the Consecration of the Lodge.

Consecration of Preston Park Lodge No. 6903

The consecration of Preston Park Lodge was held at the Brighton Masonic Centre on Saturday, the 29th October, 1949, at 3.0 for 3.30 p.m.

the ceremony was conducted by:

The Right Worshipful Brother

The Very Rev. A.T.A. Naylor, D.S.O., O.B.E., M.A.

Provincial Grand Master


Installation of the Master Designate


W.Bro. F.W.A Cushman, P.G.D

Deputy Provincial Grand Master


W.Bro. A.G. Whittacker ....................... Provincial Senior Grand Warden
W.Bro. J.F.W. Cooper ....................... Provincial Junior Grand Warden
V.W.Bro. The Rt.Rev. Bishop Crotty ....................... Provincial Grand Chaplain
W.Bro. F.V. Arnold ....................... Provincial Grand Secretary
W.Bro. A.H. Edwards, P.A.G. D.C. ....................... Provincial Grand Director of Ceremonies
W.Bro. W.J. Winter ....................... Provincial Grand Organist


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